Fencing is a sport that you can start as a child, or as an adult.  All of our coaches are registered with British Fencing (the National Governing Body) of our sport and/or British Academy of Fencing (the professional coaching organisation for fencing), and all appropriate child protection checks are made. We provide all the specialist equipment that you need for beginners sessions.
There are two ways to begin fencing with Mansfield Fencing club.

New Beginners Courses

Beginners courses start throughout the year when there are enough people who want to start. The courses are held on Tuesday evenings at Samworth Church Academy where you will work within the beginners group with one of our qualified coaches. Please contact us by emailing to find out when the next course will begin.

The cost of an 6 week beginners course is £30 for under 16 and £50 for over 16.

Individual Beginners
We also welcome individual beginners at any time. This means that you do not have to wait until the start of a beginners course, and you will benefit from working one-to-one, or in a very small group, with one of our coaches for an 8 week period.

After the completion of the beginners course, or individual beginner sessions, we anticipate that many of you will want to continue to fence at the club.

If you are interested in attending either a beginners courses or individual sessions please email or contact us on our Facebook page